Brienna Drnec

Erin Coleman

These two California girls moved to Tennessee with their families and some pretty amazing dreams. Once their planes touched down they hit the ground running and don’t intend on stopping. The new proud owners of The Upper Room Salon are bursting at the seams with visions for this lovely Spring Hill community and beyond…Erin & Brienna met here in Tennessee and as a divine encounter would have it, after months of scheming, the long awaited hopes of these two hair artists have finally birthed a Salon of their dreams!  With twenty seven years of experience between them, Brienna & Erin are well trained stylists with an eye for current trends, artistry and a HUGE heart for relationship, community, and exactly how a holistic salon experience should be. Their expertise and warm personalities takes “getting your hair done” to a whole new level. It Is their deepest desire that each client is treated in the highest reguard and has an uniquely positive experience that is unlike any past salon experience. Once you have gotten a taste of what Erin & Brienna offer you’ll be going back and telling everyone you know!